IRS – Institute for Risk management and Safety analysis

IRS works with methodology to prevent accidents, injuries and problems. Many of the projects have a focus on industry and occupational safety. However, the area of interest is wide going from consumer safety to methods for nuclear power safety. For IRS, it is basic to have a holistic perspective on the management of safety, health, the environment, quality etc.

Our main interest is to use and develop methods to identify risks and prevent accidents and damage. Our experience has shown that this type of methodology can offer advantages in many applications. IRS works with research and development, consulting and education.

IRS is a small research company with many partners. Most of the results from IRS are published in Swedish, but many reports are also written in English.

IRS, Bergsprängargränd 2A
S-116 35 Stockholm

Lars Harms-Ringdahl
Tel. +46 8 643 20 80

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A ten years anniversary.
The handbook Guide to safety analysis for accident prevention
was published in 2013 for free access on the web.
After ten years the book has been downloaded 50 000 times.