- Project report

Sven Erik Magnusson, Peter Göransson, Kurt Petersen, Yngve Malmén, Jan Hovden, Lars Harms-Ringdahl and Roland Akselsson

Published by: LUCRAM Lund University Lund, Sweden 1999. (Report 1001, Nordic Industrial Fund project P98087, 77 pages)

The full report is available from LUCRAM, Lund . It can also be directly obtained as an pdf-file from IRS and from Lucram.


The report has a two-fold objective.

A Nordic expert group, funded by the Nordic Industrial Fund, identified the urgent need for co-operative Nordic risk management research and suggested a structure for co-operation and cross-disciplinary research and for dissemination of knowledge and implementation. The group also specified research areas and project ideas for future development into actual research projects. A workshop with participants from the Nordic countries was one source of ideas.

The expert group in addition identified a number of basic resource areas necessary for the development of more efficient risk management industry and which would benefit from Nordic co-operation.

A Nordic risk management academy and a Nordic risk management network should be formed. Also a Nordic graduate school on safety and risk management for PhD-students should be organized on a Nordic basis in order to ensure competence at all Institutes of Technology, all Business Schools and other education bodies of importance for risk management.

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