Safety management at small workplaces
- on dissemination and use of information

Lars Harms-Ringdahl

Published in: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention. ISBN 84-699-1242-9. Editors: Mondelo, P., Mattila, M., Karwowski, W

The proceedings are published on CD. This paper is also directly available as an Acrobat-file from IRS


The dissemination and use of support material to improve the working conditions have been studied. The focus is on small workplaces, both in the private and public sector. A general model for describing the application of support material is discussed. Some quantitative data has been obtained, in particular related to the ordinance on "Internal control".

The study has pointed at problems but also at possible improvements, especially regarding the authority role. One suggestion is to more systematically collect data on the status at small workplaces. Another proposal is that the authority should initiate evaluation of the quality and practical usability of supporting informational material.

Keywords: Small workplace, support material, Internal control, authority

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