Guide to Safety Analysis

Free handbook: Guide to safety analysis for accident prevention

The book describes how safety analysis can be practically applied as a tool for accident prevention. It presents more than 40 analytic methods, including techniques for risk evaluation, such as the Risk Matrix. The emphasis is on general methods that can be applied in a variety of areas, such as industry, production, transport, medicine, and public events.

The planning section discusses the practical aspects of an analysis, such as defining its aim and the type of results desired. It also considers arguments for and against specific methods of safety analysis.  The examples section presents case studies of accident investigations and analyses of systems in different areas.

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The paperback – The book is also available as a paperback from:,
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The price is about 30 Euros. The book has 348 pages, with 72 figures and 77 tables .

Published 2013
by IRS Riskhantering AB, SE-116 35 Stockholm, Sweden

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